Comfort V22, KBO State Player 9, which is active as a game official model,

Com2u (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee) revealed 9 star players of the domestic professional baseball, which will play with the official model of the real baseball game, “Com2us Pro Baseball V22” (compute V22).

The Combiatra V22 is a new composition of Com2us’s 20-year baseball game development know-how, adding a casual castle to the MZ generation in the fun of authentic baseball games, and another axis of the compute series. 360 degree 3D head scanning, motion capture is characterized by a graphics of overwhelming lively vibration to implement athlete facial expressions, and it is expected to present a fun of baseball games that have not been in the world am.

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Com2us is the official model of the compute V22, Kim Sun Bin (Kia Tigers), Kim Won-jung (Lotte Giants), Kim Hye Sung (Kium Hero), Park Kyung-soo (KT Wiz), Park Sung-soo (SSG Landers), Baek Jung Hyun (Samsung Lions) ), Lim Chan-gyu (LG Twins), Jung Eun-won (Hanwha Eagles) was selected. The athletes who are receiving great love from each stomach fans are expected to work as an advertising model of the Comfort V22, and will contribute to improving the expectation.

Teaser imaging also released a full-fledged ad campaign with model disclosure. The teaser image is the leading expression of MVP Park, Kyung-soo, the youngest claim, and Kim Hye-sung, the characteristics of the model,

Com2us will release the official advertisement image by player from March 16 to Sunday. Baseball fans waiting for the launch of a compute V22 can meet the models of each model and the unique striking foam and pitching in the game through the image.