Best classes in Outriders

In the hellish landscape, which is Egyw Outriders, survival is in the foreground in everyone on the mind. But for the changed life consists not so much in survival, but in the acquisition of force. The players have a choice of four powerful modified classes in Outriders with three subclasses per class.

It can be argued that three classes, a technomant, a pyromeman and a trickster are on a single game field, and the Devastator remained behind. After updating the “New Horizons”, the Devastator became more viable, but only because expedition timers are no longer used.

Outriders BEST SOLO CLASSES TO COMPLETE GOLD TIER CT15 - Endgame Expeditions


The technomant works at a great distance and offers support with debuffs and gadgets. He has the ability to freeze enemies in place with a few abilities, effectively blocking the battlefield. Its three subclasses: Mi (damage from weapons and improvements), Tehnoshaman (health and vitality) and the destroyer (abnormal force and skills).


The pyromactment is a class of an average radius of action focused on everything that is associated with fire. Shooting straight entry, fire in the area, healing fire – all this became possible due to the pyroman. His three subclasses: Ash Breaker (damage from weapons and improvements), Fire Storm (health and vitality) and Tempest (abnormal force and skills).


Trixter – a melee specialist in the Bay-run tactics. Manipulating space-time, they deform the battlefield at their discretion. Their three subclasses: the killer (damage from weapons and improvements), harbing (health and vitality) and the robber (abnormal force and skills).


Instead of being a DPS-oriented, like other classes, Devastator performs the traditional role of the tank. It is almost impossible to kill in many buildings, but as a result it has a much lower DPS. It uses the abilities that form the land itself on which it is worth. Its three subclasses: Vanquisher (damage from weapons and improvements), Warden (health and vitality) and Seismic Shifter (abnormal force and skills).

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