In Elden Ring, a hug can break you properly

If you have already started your journey in Elden Ring , you may have encountered the mysterious FIA , which you can find in the Table‘s Table Festival of the title. She has the desire to be taken from you for a brief moment ** in the arm. You then have the choice, whether you fulfill this wish or rejects the embrace.

A hug with consequences

Elden Ring - DO NOT Hug Fia in the Roundtable Hold (unless you need to for Baldachin's Blessing)

Typical for games of from software such moments of course have a deeper sense . In this case, however, the embrace of NPC FIA has rather negative consequences for your character. You will receive a debuff , the 5% of the current life points permanently ties . A small red square in your UI delivers the appropriate note. FIA thanks you with the “blessing of the firmament” \ – an item, which strengthens the balance of your figure for a few seconds.

How is you going to start the debuff from FIA?

If you already have a hug behind you and now want to have your life points back, luckily there is a simple way as you can undo the debuff. You only have to activate the “blessing of the firmament” **. When the object consumes and the effect loses its effect, it also returns the lost 5% of your life points. Incidentally, you can pick up the item from FIA again and again.

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You are not around for a hug

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