The small robot companion POCOPOC belongs to the new features of WoW Patch 9.2. He accompanies us with our adventures in Zereth Mortis and grabs us here and there under my arms. Above all, his commitment in the fight know many players appreciate. Because the Knuffy metal ball can properly dismantle and insert. Stupid only that POCOPOC has hitherto hitherto set his fight efforts after some time. Then he strictly refused to support us in the fight. Help has usually only the shipment and newly summon the companion. But that should have an end.

WoW: Shadowlands 9.2 - How to solve Pocopoc's Canataric, Mezzonic & Fugueal Puzzles - Zereth Mortis

The developers have missed Pocopoc a hotfix to fix this problem. Our first rounds in Zereth mortis show that this seemingly worked out quite well. Incidentally, PVP players are looking forward to twice. Pocopoc should no longer stand with zero energy if you come back from the arena or the evaluation battlefield.

More boxes and more cockroaches

Because in the context of the new hotfixes, the developers address this familiar problem and at the same time take care of some other annoyances. So the various treasure boxes of Zereth Mortis now spread significantly faster and remain longer, as soon as the first player has opened it. In addition, the amount of the ciphers contained therein was raised the first.

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WoW: Pocopoc Fights & more boxes and ciphers for all (2) Source: Zereth Mortisvelopers try to improve the experience in Zereth Mortis and make less frustrating. Especially the fast disappearance of boxes could be very annoying. Because many of them are hidden behind jump ridges or the same. Of course, it’s bitter, if you finally jump over the balls and then disappears the treasure before the nose. That can still happen – but it is less likely.

How do you like Pocopoc? Do you find the little companion as Knuffig as we do and misses him not only a lot of buffs, but also changed his exterior already cheerfully? Or is he not much more than another help in combat – a running buff, so to speak?

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