EA, Russia – Discontinued sales and content sales in Belarus

U.S. imposes more sanctions on Russia and Belarus
EA announced that it was suspended of sales in its title and game in Russia and Belarus through the official website on the 4th (local time).

EA declared that he is a great impact on the war in Ukraine, and he declared that he would solidify its national people in their own way. As part of this, games and content sales, including virtual monetary bundles in Russia and Belarus, as a result, as a result, as a result, game purchases are impossible in the Russian Store of the Games and EA apps.

The company has established Ukraine indirectly, planning for Russia and Belarus, before the decision of the content of the content. Typically, on the past 2 days, it was said that the Russian football national team and the club are deleted in its representative title pipachot, and Delete Russia and the Belarus team in NHL games.

EA has continued to review the actions that they can take as the situation continues, and the measures in different areas of games and operations are actively considering.