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How to make money quickly in Roblox Anime Battle Arena

All the best, strongest characters in Roblox Anime Battle Arena are a little money. This means that you need to accumulate enough tools to unlock them. Playing in every round, you get a few coins every time, but there are other ways to make money a little faster.

Buy Gold

Purchase of gold Through this is an in-game menu, probably The easiest way to quickly add some money. However, for this you will need to pay Robux a little. You can buy 1000, 3000 or 10,000 dollars per spend some roboksus . You can also buy gold for a friend through this menu.

game skip

Another way to quickly earn some money is Buy Game Pass . There is a special game pass for capturing for the building in the lobby, which allows you to get 10% more gold than usual. It costs about 100 Reals The same thing that buy 1000 dollars immediately, but in the long run it can cost more if you can increase your income over this amount.


If you want to make money quickly, just playing the game, pay attention to number of points You dial during each round. Saving quantity kills You will exceed your death and General damage will increase glasses during the match. It plays a big role in how much money you will receive when the round will end, and will help you raise the level faster.

Level is raised

How To Get Money FAST in Anime Battle Arena!

Probably The best way Quickly earn a good amount of money Improve level . You can consistently raise the level, winning matches, gaining a lot of glasses during the round and inflicting significant damage. You will see a pop-up cat scene with chest opens with each level raising. This chest rewards you with a good amount of money and a new skin.

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