How long does the demo last

Triangle Strategy, which comes out on March 4, 2022, has a game demo in the Nintendo Switch store. Demo will hold players around three to four hours to finish . The demo version covers a prologue of the game, that is, the first three chapters, and allows players to experience the gameplay and combat mechanics before buying a full game. All progress achieved in the demolism of the game is saved if the players decide to buy a game later.

What is in the demo version of the Triangle Strategy?

Triangle Strategy | New Gameplay Today
In the demo version of Triangle Strategy, players can familiarize themselves with the system of dialogs and choices that will play a big role in the final version of the game. The choice that players make will affect many different aspects of the game. In the demo version, players are limited to the fifth level that you can easily reach to the release of the game.

At the beginning of demo version, players can choose the level of complexity (“very light”, “light”, “normal” and “complex”) to truly feel step-by-step role fights in the game. Three large battles will give the players an idea of ​​the fighting system of the game.

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