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Pewdiepie announces a promise of $ 50,000 to an anti-Jewish group

Pewdiepie retracts its initial promise of $ 50,000 to an anti-hatred Jewish group as a result of adverse reactions on the part of the fans.

First reported by the bribes a short segment attached at the beginning of the last video, Pewdiepie revealed that he withdrew his commitment to the anti-defamation league. The promise was initially due to $ 50,000. However, after the backlit of his fans, he withdrew his commitment and will rather find another charity instead.

After reached a record of 100 million subscribers, Pewdiepie downloaded a unboxing video of his YouTube Play Button Trophy. This partially sponsored video was where it announced that it would give $ 50,000 to the anti-defamation league. The fans have speculated on the fact that he was obliged to make that choice, forming conspiracies around him.

In his last video, he withdrew his promise, claiming that he had not done any research properly on the charity. “I committed the mistake of choosing a charity I advised rather than the one who fascinates me,” says Pewdiepie in the video.

How About That...
Pewdiepie hoped to assume a share of liability in previous numbers containing anti-Semitic comments with his donation. He hoped that this commitment would move away from the right-righteous movement that surrounded him, especially after the rest of the Subscribe to Pewdiepie, Christchurch’s tragedy. However, after hearing about the organization and previous conflicts with this one, he voted against his commitment. In one now deleted TweetPewDiepie continued by declaring that it makes no sense to donate to an organization that “outright spoke against [him]”.

Pewdiepie promises to give money to another charity in his place. Whether another Jewish organization or something else remains to be seen.