Borderlands 3

Tiny Tinas Wonderlands: We played at spin

We were able to get their hands on a partial, but representative version of this future game. On the six classes that the final version will count, two were already available on the test. And if the main quest was still forbidden to access us, we were still able to fill several secondary quests in a large open area. What to do in a few hours our level 9 level at Level 13. We first tried for a few tens of minutes the sow-la-death class, which can sacrifice some of its health to inflict additional damage, and which has a half-like familiar inflicting black magic damage to enemies. But our choice has finally stopped on the Trucidopath, able to launch a spinning phantom sword on his opponents, and whose chances of critical blows are basic augmented by 30%. If each type of character has a skill tree relative to its special capacities, all share the same system of heroic statistics. Thus, force, dexterity, intelligence, wisdom, constitution and syntony actively act on critical damage, the chances of critical blows, the recharge of spells, the elementary damage, the maximum level of shield / health, and the recharge of skills. In these circumstances, maximizing the strength of tugidopath seems to go without saying. And we can already confirm that it is possible to mount a real brute, able to inflict an extremely high number of damage per second!

D & D to B & B, and MJ at MB

If these statistics floll good the medieval-fantastic role play, it’s quite normal. Just like Tiny Tina and the Dragon Fortress in the past, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands triggers the futuristic universe of Borderlands for part of Bunkers & Brunkes, a role play on table obviously the famous Dungeon & Dragons. Always as geek, Tina holds the role of Master of Bunker and therefore organizes the game. As a player, we thus embody a character from Bunkers & Brutes himself embodied by a character from Borderlands. This context “meta” gives the opportunity to the role-playing participants to regularly break the fourth wall by commenting on the current action. A medallion with their portrait then appears at the top right of the screen, which showed us that a man named Valentine and a robot named Frette were of the part in the “real” world. Whether it’s Tina explaining to the players they suddenly fall on “a huge hyper magic machino” or Valentine proposing to drop the current quest to the first obstacle encountered, the remarks of these real-fake players are usually humorous. These interventions also show a French version with small onions. Not only are the voices right, but the translators realized a real location work by adapting cultural references. Thus, during a quest to trigger a revolution in a Goblins mine, you will have the opportunity to hear Valentine humming and diverting the songs of the song “My Revolution” from Jenifer. We can easily imagine that in VO, it’s a different song that is used.

Medieval and fantastic borderlands?

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands | STABBOMANCER = CORAZON? Let's Play Tiny Tina's Wonderlands (PC Gameplay)

Based on very strong fundamentals, because inherited from Borderlands 3, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands resumes all that makes the charm of the series: from the loot everywhere all the time, many quests, multiple chests to open, weapons declined To infinity, bunch of enemies to occur, good big boss, and humor, always humor. One of the secondary quests is thus sent to us by Bench, a goblin in search of a “non-violent de-escalation specialist” (we would need IRL of elsewhere…). We must first meet the Badant’s wizard the badrant, which can be chosen to seduce instead of Opeire. There follows a small race-pursuit around his home, the guy is not really sensitive to our advances. Further, it is a Goblin Guard that can be distracted, bond, or dredge. We advise you to choose this last option again, which is particularly paying here. The guard then falls in love with our character, as indicated by the small hearts floating above his head. That allows you to enjoy tasty dialogues as well as a temporary ally, ready to fight with us.

Beyond humor traits, the medieval-fantastic atmosphere of Bunkers & Brutesses offers a pleasant declination of the world of Borderlands. The mechanics of “second breath”, which makes it possible to return to life under certain conditions, is entitled here “backup jet”. Weapon distributors, armor and spells are wooden. The inevitable Claptrap is also entirely made of wood, with the notable exception of a small twisted and metal fireplace enthroned on his head. The enemies we face are no longer robots, humans and creatures of space, but trolls, wyverns, skeletons, sharks-hammers and other dogs. And some collectible objects take the form of dice with 20 sides. The interface tells us that there is 260 to find all over the world. Knowing that the big area we were able to visit in only 19, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands seems well to offer us a long service life. much higher than that of Tiny Tina and the dragon’s fortress, which was close in five to ten o’clock.