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DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS ONLINE TO 16 YEARS: Races and classes unlocked for free

The initial version of DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS ONLINE was officially launched on February 28, 2006. The MMORPG today operated by the Studio Standing Stone is currently celebrating the sixteenth anniversary of its operation and as often in these cases. -The event is an opportunity to distribute some gifts to players.

As part of this anniversary, Stone Stone adds new contents to the free offer of Dungeons and Dragons Online and unlocks several races of playable characters (the gnomes, half-elves, half-orcs, the drofs, elves of the woods, the Dragonborn and the Tiefling), as well as three classes of characters, the Druid, the monk and the Warlock. All will now be accessible to all players, indefinitely.
And for the players who had already bought these classes and breeds are not injured, Stone standing will distribute them to their _greater elixir of discovery _ for each class or race already owned – for the memory, this rare potion makes it possible to increase His chances of finding rare objects in the chests of the game world.

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As the previous years, the anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons Online will also be an opportunity to cross some of the members of the In-Game Development Team, as part of the festive animations organized at stake. Notice to the curious who would like (re) discover the game.