Tokyo Game Show 2022 will open to the public for the first time since 2019

Unless there is a new generation variant or bursting of a new world war in the coming months, the Tokyo Game Show 2022 should indeed mark the return of the loved traditional format of Gaijin and players.

After two Diicoloé Remote editions according to local and international sanitary conditions, the organizers of Tokyo Game Show have confirmed that the 2022 edition of the Japanese show will open to the public and professionals from September 15th to 18th, at the traditional Makuhari Messe de Chiba, on the outskirts of the Japanese metropolis. In detail, the September 15th and 16th days will be reserved for environmental professionals while the public will be able to discover the novelties on Saturday 17 and Sunday, September 18th.

Certainly, the number of tickets on sale should be more limited than usual because of the restrictions still in force on CVIV-19, not to mention the fact that young children will not be admitted due to a vaccination situation. uncertain on this layer of the population. Let us add that tourist stays have no longer allowed in Japan since March 21, 2020 to curb the circulation of the virus, on the other hand travel for professional motifs will be possible again from March 1, 2022. Of course, it will still be necessary. To be able to fly over Russia, which airlines like Air France are no longer so further notice due to the situation in Ukraine.

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The theme chosen for this 2022 edition of Tokyo Game Show is Rien stops video game, a way to celebrate the return to normal that this year should mark for the living room, at least in part. “In the last two years, various fun events have disappeared from our daily lives, but the games have always illuminated our habits. Games will continue to brighten everyone’s days now and forever, this year’s theme implies Such determination “, commented on CESA, the association that organizes the show.

The programming of the event is already online on the official site of the show (only in Japanese for the moment), but we can already note that the 8 main halls of the palace will host a general area, one for the smartphones games, a dedicated With the production of VR / AR, one in honor of the independent games, one to the attention of grass schools and creators and finally a square dedicated to essential goodies. We further confirmed that most emissions will be disseminated both in Japanese and English.