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Tiny Tinas Wonderlands advance: a spin

The Tin Tina Assault on Dragon Keep was considered one of the best DLC not only by territories 2 but for Borderlands games in general, so it is not surprising that the concept is transformed into a complete game around The narration of Tiny Tina. That is exactly what we have obtained from _Tin’s wonders country, _ a game that, after spending a few hours with him during a practical preview, does not deviate too much from the Borderlands formula but keeps interesting things with Some intelligent ideas.

In the game, players create their own characters, “Fatemakers”, in this case, as part of the latest version of Tiny Tina. Bunkers and Rudos » Campaign, a version of Borderlands Calaboons and dragons. You have a couple of different classes to choose with the multiclass ability later as you complete main and optional missions, while Tiny Tina and the two friends of her provide comments on all the experience.

That is the configuration anyway, but as regards the game, it is almost strictly borderlands from start to finish. You meant overwhelming amounts of booty and you will stay with a fraction while you sell the rest of the scrap in the vending machines, and you have unique classes-based skills to become an unconditional solitary fighter or encourage your colleagues.

During the first skirmishes and even along the first mission, it became evident that this was not going to be a great deviation from the Borderlands formula, so any avid player role play player looking for a touch of borderlands You will find that it is much more borderlands that is calaboons and dragons. The jokes and characters like goblins and skeletons remind you that this is not normal borderlands, but your moments at the moment with everything else should be comfortable enough for the returning players. It also has the characteristic humor of Borderlands with the relentless comments of Tiny Tina, which guarantees that there is hardly a moment of tranquility.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands | 20 Minute Official Gameplay Walkthrough | 2K Games
Some of the intelligent changes made in Tiny Tina_’s wonders to align it more with your fantasy world, includes the spell launch system that replaces pomegranates. These spells, like weapons, still use traditional elementary effects such as fire and ice with the addition of “Dark Energy” and many different ways of achieving that damage. These spells feel fast and agile in the form of fireballs, energy rays, auras AOE and Hydramates, so there is rarely a time when something does not fall or explode. The shields are converted into “barriers” with similar but different family adjustments.

The class actions are back with two each for the different initial classes, but it was difficult to have an idea of ​​them since only two classes, Graveborn and Stabbomancer, they could be played in practice preview. These constitute only two of the six classes and come in the form of prefabricated characters, which means that we could not prove the character creation system in which you put points in different attributes such as skill and other attributes. The Multiclass in which you choose a second class to further diversify its construction was not present either, and neither was the “overworld” function in which you see everything país de la wonders experience as a game board and can move in the form of a head Inspired by his Fatemaker.

All that means that there were several key elements of Tiny Tina_ Wonders that were not accessible in the version we play, and many of those omissions sounded honestly as the most interesting parts of the new game. The base experience, however, works well as a continuation of what made the previous DLC of Tina Tiny were so popular, and it is a more pleasant and capricious rhythm change after the main line. _ Border Tierras 3_.

The Country of Wonders of Tiny Tina is scheduled to launch on March 25 for PlayStation 4 platforms, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. The editor provided a preview code and was used on PC.