Super Smash Bros. Get the wicked spirits the residents next week

It’s always a pleasure to see what kind of Spirit events take place Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. But a new suggests that we could see something from the Resident Evil Universe.

A tweet of the Nintendo account versus note that a special event that will introduce four Resident Evil the characters as the spirits in the game. Based on the photo above, it will present The Favorites such as Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Wesker.

It is read that the event will take place on November 29 and last five days.

This event will certainly be fun for the game fans, but it leads to a more interesting question. Could we see a Resident Evil join the list as a fifth and last character of smash ultimate downloadable content? We have seen The Favorites of Capcom enter the melee before, like Mega Man and Ryu of _ Street Celebrity. So someone like Nemesis, Jill Valentine or Wesker might well integrate.

Leon Kennedy & the Resident Evil Crew Coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!...as Spirits

Nintendo has not confirmed other details than those contained in the tweet, so we are waiting. But hopefully we will soon see more information, as well as a potential confirmation of the new character. Christmas could be soft for Fracser fans if the timing is good.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now.