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God of War: Ragnarok: Industries

Actually, the action game God of War Ragnarok should appear in the course of this year. Recently, DataMiner even found first indications of a possible release period (we reported). Nevertheless, the rumor occurred recently that the publication may be able to move again – until the year 2023. If the fans actually have to wait longer than ever? An insider said.

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These are the well-known gaming journalists and Leaker Jason Schreier, who reports among other things for the Magazine Bloomberg and is usually well informed. When in the Reddit.com forum, the question came up if it was actually expected to be a shift from God of War Ragnarok to the next year, he replied with one as well as a clear “no”.

Further explanations or more detailed explanations on this subject did not follow. Therefore, u.a. not clarified, on what basis its answer is based or which source (s) he has for this. However, Jason Schreier has already proved several times as a reliable informant in the gaming industry several times, so there could be something of the whole matter. Sony Santa Monica has not had anything from a release shift to so far.