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Wow fan designs Drachengeborn class – fits the wow

Lots of WoW rumors mix up the community over the past few weeks. Dragonmire or Dragonmurk, Awakenings or Ashes of Galakaros, All alleged WoW extension leaks have a thing in common: The Dragon swarms of Azeroths should play a role in the story after they had to give up their power in the final of WoW: Cataclysm.

And something else have these assignments to a dragon-awakening Azeroth, protraches and the swarms mean: it is all about unconfirmed rumors. We just do not know how the next chapter of World of Warcraft (Buy Now) will look.

But as far as the following class design is concerned, we know something certainly: it is the design of the WoW fans Teriz. Years ago, Teriz presented the design of the WOW class Dragonborne in the forums of MMO-Champion and has now updated the concept. The theory behind: WOW needs a new hybrid class, which can refrain from recharging, healing or ranging damage depending on the specialization.

The Dragongeborn

At the beginning of his concept, Teriz already clearly presents that you would actually play a dragon with this class. In the character creation you will then choose his worldly humanoid appearance. Just as chromium wraps in the form of a Gnom, Alexstrasza assumes an elf shape and converts furorion as a person through Azeroth, it should also have a possible choice as if to look after your hero, if he is not a dragon. It would be excluded but worgen and abandoned. Your dragon would then be a member of the chromatic dragon swarm, because in the context of fighting, you can change with all three specializations in your dragon form.

In Teriz’s idea, the Earthwarmen-Spec the tank specialization, Lifebinder would be the healer and Timewalker, who uses the sands of the time, would be a ranged-DPS specialization. Incidentally, Teriz has oriented to Heroes of the Storm for the skills and mechanics – a little surprising, in the Hero Brawler of Blizzard, all sorts of dragons are playable.

WoW TCG - Twilight of the Dragons - Box Break

In combat a dragon, in the city a humanoid

As a dragon born you do not give you the same as such. It is your goal to go in the crowd in your humanoid form. But it comes to fighting, then you can change from your own will in your dragon shape. Teriz introduces itself a bit like that in shadow priests: You have a special resource to switch to your dragon shape, which then lasts so long until this resource is used up – the empty shape greetings.

His concept has also peppered Teriz with its ideas of the ways and partly specially designed skills, you should take a look and let us know if you want to play a Dragonborne. Would this class be too powerful and should it only give Dragonsworn? And what would be with the blue and green dragon’s swarm? Why should this be left outside?

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