“Good”: The deep of the Würzburg Würzburger Dallenbergs ends in Hanover

When the Würzburger Würzburger Dallenbergs had lost 1: 2 against the MSV Duisburg a week ago, the decision seemed. Also, the second coach change of the season was first summarized, the benefit is poor, the residue has grown to a non-absorbance of six to eight points. What should be hope now?

Only a few days later, the situation arises a bit different – albeit not fundamental. Through the victory against Havelse it is again six points, the Würzburg separating from the saving shore, but more importantly seems that atmospheric improvement is in sight.

The victory was just a small step in the direction we want to go.

Ralf Santelli

“The victory is good for the soul,” said coach Ralf Santelli after the game at the magenta microph1. Already in the preseason, the 53-year-old had jumped on the last meters of the game year, then he drove a victory in the HDI Arena to Hanover. This time, the opponent was not 96, but TSV Havelse – the effect is likely to be the same: the threesome should give the Würzburger Dallenberg some buoyancy.

Santelli stressed, however, “The victory was just a small step in the direction we want to go.” The residue is finally considerably considerable – and the next task has it in itself. On Saturday, leaders Magdeburg comes to the Würzburger Dallenberg. But: The first leg have won the Würzburger Dallenbergs 2: 1. It was one of so far only three season wines – until this Sunday at Maschsee to Hanover.