Ghost countdown appeared? “Woofing behavior” x “three body” collaboration decision!

A high renewal frequency, strategy shooting game “wilderness behavior” with rich play content officially announced a collaboration with a full SF novel “three”.

A high renewal frequency, strategy shooting game “Waerybody behavior”, which boasts rich play content, officially announced collaboration with a full SF novel “three body”. Key Visual (KV) for collaboration has already been officially announced, and you can know the design element of the three-body style. Considering the operation notice, this collaboration seems to be implemented with new limited play content.

“Three Body” is a Chinese writer and 劉 編 編 SF novel. Since its announcement, we continue to attract many readers worldwide due to its full-fledged SF and deep philosophical thinking. In 2019, when the first part of three part works is released in Japan, it will be the top of the Amazon’s seller ranking in the blink, and the number of sales copies breaks 100,000 in no time, 2020, Japan’s 51th Phantom Cloud Prize We won Overseas Function Working Division. The History of Space Civilization and Vast Universe Create “Three Body” is giving a deep impression to readers.

According to KV published so far, the contents of three buildings, three-body games, etc. are combined with the “wilderness behavior” game mode, and it seems likely to appear as a new map element.

KV also appears familiar V suites in the novel. In the “three-body” novel, scientists such as Wan Miao were wearing V suit and entered the virtual three-body game world. This setting will be a new map background story with high probability. However, the player may go to the battlefield, not an Air Drop, but by wearing a V suit.

In addition, the ghost countdown that appears in the novel (the artificial intelligence appearing in “three-body” appears in the scientist’s retina and shows within the goggles of KV and shows the remaining 168 hours. Is this a countdown to the start of the collaboration?

Naturally, this setting may also be incorporated into the game as the setting of ghost countdown is also matched with the “wilderness behavior” game mode. For example, when the safety area shrinks in a new map, this countdown may be displayed towards the player as well as a novel, or it may be said that it will be projected directly into the empty sky. Always attention will always be attention to move to the safety area, and you will be able to enjoy a more tension and a gaming experience with thrilling.

KV also appears “Sun’s Day” screen, and the three-star’s own unusual bodies that appear in the novel may also be an important factor of new maps. For example, when the three suns are arranged at different positions, the brightness of the game map is changed, and when it becomes a “three sun day”, the rays become intense and the player within the irradiation range can not be seen. If you really can add such a sudden event, new strategies based on these settings will be born in the game.

Finally, let’s pay attention to the big pyramid that looks back in KV. This design seems to be a motif of the virtual game made by the global three-body organization in the novel. Among the online games “three families”, the King did not live in the pyramid to avoid the strict cold and harmful heat. After all, I could not block the incision in the incision in the scorching of the “three sun sun”, but this symbolic building gave a deep impression to many readers. The fact that this pyramid is drawn to Kv is implying that the pyramid appears as an important building as a new map. Let’s wait for the follow-up.

The collaboration between the super full-scale SF IP “three body” and the national shooter game “Waormal edition” plays how sparks sprinkle? Look forward to new maps and play system announcements!

# “Three Body”

“Three-body” is a “three-body”, “three-body II, black forest”, and the SF series novel of Mr. Zhao, which consists of three parts of “three-body III and death god sagasa”. Part 1 started serialization in the magazine “Seishi World” (Science Fiction World) from May 2006, and Part 2 published in May 2008, Part 3 was published in November 2010. The first part was won the 73th Huegow Prize Hen Novel Division Award, and Part 3 “Three III and Death Gods” also entered the best seller list of New York Times as a Chinese literature work.

Not only is a literary work, but also the first work that opens the relationship between humanity and universe for the future, and a collection of thinking experiments expressed as a spaceclete’s future chronicle am.

Official Site: http://www.3body.com/

# What is the “wilderness behavior”

“Waorme behavior” is a Battle Royal game for ios, Android, Windows, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, which has been developed and operated by Netease Games. It has a breakthrough of 2.5 billion around the world, and about 100 players are Get down to the last one, let’s fight. If it is connected, you can play with friends anytime, anywhere!

[Hundred dive, survival rate 1%] Hundreds of warriors are getting down to the wilderness!
Vast Vision, Long Distance Sniper, Concertive Behavior, Survival! Can you survive to the end!

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