1. FC Cologne: Timo Horn does not exclude farewell in summer

The long-standing donation timer Timo Horn does not exclude a speedy farewell from the 1st FC Cologne after 20 years in the club.

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“There was always the dream idea of ​​staying with my club for a lifetime. That’s why I stayed in situations again and again,” said Horn after the 1-0 against Eintracht Frankfurt, where he was the diseased Marvin Replace weakness was allowed: “But I have never excluded to change the club again. That’s in football, the business is sometimes hard. If you have the right to play, you have to deal with it. You just have to deal with it in summer Look what gives himself. “

The native of Cologne joined the Effzeh as a nine-year-old, since 2012 he was enthusiastic huts. After a violation at the end of last year, coach Steffen Baumgart put on wedges and explained this to the number one.

“Clarity is more important on the position than on all others. That’s why it was good and right that the coach has clarified early on how it continues. Otherwise, the speculation may have risen again,” Horn explained.

But he does not want to give up the fight for the course. “You have seen today how fast it can go and how fast you stand between the posts again. That’s why I will continue to work,” Horn said, “I try to give gas in the three months to the end of the season and offer me. Then we look what happens. “