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Cyberpunk 2077 developers have “no plans” for a subway feature

CIBERPUNK 2077 The players discovered shortly after the launch of the game that there was apparently some evidence that a subway system would be added to the game at some point. The railroads on top of the streets of Night City were built around unfinished buildings that at least had functional doors, which suggested that some work became there, but never ended up. A subway system would have been a good idea for Ciberpunk 2077 Include, but despite what rumors and speculation, CD Projekt Red says that it has no plans to add any characteristic of that type.

Marcin Momot, the director of the global community of CD Projekt Red, closed any rumor about a possible meter in ciberpunk 2077 this week responding to a Tit on the subject on Twitter. A tuit of an ciberpunk 2077- Focused Twitter account included a screen capture of a Reddit publication since then it was deleted where someone had shared an image of the Night City Area Rapid Transport Accessible website. The player took the image as a clue on the new subway function that would be added, but apparently that is not the case according to the answer below.

Momot responded again just later to say that he acknowledged that “it might not be the best news,” but it was better to be transparent and clarify this kind of thing.

As others pointed out in the answers in Reddit and elsewhere, this is not the first time you see the image above in the game. It has existed for a time, in reality, without a meter built yet and apparently there is no meter either on the way.

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However, it makes sense that the players who discovered this message recently have taken it as a mockery of what is to come, since the game recently received its updates from PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | s. The patch notes for updates of those consoles were also revealed and are quite extensive with almost all aspects of the game touched in some way for the large number of bullets and error corrections. However, work in the game is not over yet, and CD Projekt Network already says that it is investigating two characteristics that players have been asking, as well as other topics.