Sea of thieves

Sea of Thieves: Rare starts monthly events with many new stories and adventures

In January, developer Rare revealed plans, new and limited events to publish the so-called “Adventures” for the Pirate Hit Sea of ​​Thieves (from 36.27 € at Buy). The first of them goes to the start today, on February 17, 2022. The Adventures will have narrative focus similar to in “A Pirate’s Life”.

Each adventure is a temporally limited event, represents a “chapter” in the general history of Sea of ​​Thieves and last two weeks. At the end of each Sea-of-Thieves season, there will be a final adventure that runs for three weeks and closes the respective history. In addition, the future story and game world of Sea of ​​Thieves is influenced. Interestingly, Mike Chapman, Creative Director of the game, spoke in a preview video of the fact that the outcome of the story will be determined to some extent through the common efforts and decisions of the community.

Sea of Thieves Adventures - Official 2022 Preview Trailer
The first chapter is called “Shrouded Isles” and runs from 17 February 2022 to March 3, 2022. Details can be found on the official website of Sea of ​​Thieves. In the short version, it is about the first adventure that the sea of ​​the damn (the place, go to the pirates after their death, overflow into the Sea of ​​Thieves. That has the consequence that spirits, ghost ships and more in the realm of the Living were brought. The game world is slowly devoured by a mysterious fog, which can only lit courageous pirate crews.

For those who miss an event and thus historical events, a movie trailer is playing back before each adventure that summarizes the previous events. So players who miss something missing at every event can also participate.
Sea of ​​Thieves was released in 2018 for the PC and Xbox One. On November 10, 2020, an optimized version for the Xbox Series X | s appeared.