Epic Games, Digital Creative Ecosystem 2021 Major Performance and Technical Sector Trends

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\ – Epic Games, “I will build an open ecosystem that will provide everything you need to make the future virtual world” Vision presentation

\ – Explosive growth of real-time 3D technology that is essential for metabus, unreal engine full download number of download users increased by 40%

\ – 48% of the next generation of next-generation games are developed as Unreal Engine, the movie using Unreal Engine, the TV field, the new project is increased to 150% YoY

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\ – Active engine utilization of unreal engine in architecture, car, live event, broadcasting and fashion field

\ – Epic Games, 2022 Technical Trends Transformer Marketing, Cloud Solutions, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality

Epic Games announced in 2021, and the “Realtime Comprehensive: Metabus and 2022 trends to expect the development of the 2021 achievements and 2022 technology fields today (Korean time).

Epic Games predicted that the metaverse is a shared social 3D world that exists in the form of sustainability, discovery, arbitration, and commerce in the form of the Internet based on real-time 3D technology. In addition, the center of the metaverse is the vision that there are creators, and that all of them can participate in the metaverse, to build an open ecosystem that provides everything that is necessary to create an application, platform, and marketplace to create a future virtual world in a hub I said.

Epic Games says the Epic Games user account is currently over 5 billion, and and the Epic Games Store to provide a friendly friendly relationship. This reflects the phenomenon that more and more people enjoy social exchange in the virtual world and enjoy games, music, movies, and art in a new way.

Various technologies of the Epic Games ecosystem, which are essential for building metabuses, are also explosive growth. As the demand for the creator to build 3D experience increased, the number of users who downloaded Unreal Engine also increased significantly. The total number of downloads of the Unreal Engine increased by 40% in the year in 2021.

In addition to Unreal Engine, the Meta Human Creator, which is a cloud-based free app that can make only a few minutes of high quality digital human human human human human human human human beings, has been released in February last year, making it more than 1 million meta husks. In addition, the platform, which allows users to search, edit, purchase and sell 3D content directly from the Web, the sketch fab, which is a platform that allows editing, purchasing, and sell, joined the Epic Games in July last year, and the total number of members exceeded 7 million.

We also enabled unreal engine marketplace and quick cell bridge to provide hundreds of thousands of high quality assets to make content. In the year 2021, Unreal Engine Market Place users increased by more than 50% YoY, and the asset download on Quick cells has a total of 3,200 million times.

In addition to meta human creators and sketch fabs, twin motion, art station, reality capture, Epic Games Store, Epic online service, also consist of core services that make up epic ecosystems. In addition to the full version of Unreal Engine 5, which is scheduled to be released in 2022, Epic Games will provide a stronger creative ecosystem for users this year.

Meanwhile, the Unreal Engine has shown a break in a variety of industries for a year in 2021.

First, in the game field, 48% of the free-vised next-generation games were found to be based on Unreal Engine. Currently, , , , <Legend of Tena, is being developed as an unreal engine 5 early access.

In the “The Game Awards 2021”, which is considered the biggest awards in the game industry, 19 unreal engine-based games were on 21st-party candidates, and is selected as the game of this year, I also won the nine parts.

In addition, the Unreal Engine, the Unreal Engine, the unreal engine of the Unreal Engine, who presented the future of Story Telling and entertainment, has been announced in December 202, 2002.

It was also weak in movies and TV. Above all, Unreal Engine technology is essential for the growing inkamora VFX (ICVFX) studio, which has been prominent in the growth of the ICVFX studio in 2020, with more than 250 ICVFX studios. During 2021, a new film and TV projects using Unreal Engine have increased by about 150% YoY.

As a Unreal engine used, the recent release or ahead of the opening ahead of this year, ‘Spider-Man: Na Wei Home’, ‘Matrix Requirement’, ‘Free Guy’, ‘Jungle Cruise’, ‘More Side Squad’, ‘Dune ‘Mortal Combat Legend: Battle of The Rerm’, ‘Beth: LEVELDE REBAKANIS’. Animation studio, which utilizes Unreal Engine, is also increasing, “Super Giant Robot Brothers”, “Will Months”, “Yuki Will Months”, “Yuki 7”, “Di Kai: Kallante”, is used for unreal engine.

In the construction and automotive industry, the introduction and utilization of the real-time technology of the Unreal Engine is continuously increasing. In the architectural field, a large change in the unreal engine is a large change in the rendering platform, and according to the survey conducted by the Construction Visualization Online Magazine CG architect in 2021, 50% of the questionnaire respondents used Unreal Engine. The number of downloads of twin missions that provide easy and high quality architectural visualization of architects and designers is one million times as of the end of last year. The car industry is also true.

The top five car brands around the world are striving for in-depth Unreal Engine platform integration. The R1T of Libyan, the electric car company, is produced by the unreal engine, and GMC Hummer EV with the Digital Cockpet System of Unreal Engine will be released.

In Live Events and Broadcasting, for the past two years, a virtual event was held with a unreal engine such as “Madison Beach Concert”, “Madison Beach Concert”, “Madison Beach Concerts,” Tomorrow Land Festival “in the past two years. The fashion industry also utilized unreal engine and virtual production on a number of fashion brands, including “Valencia”, “Gary James McQueen,”

In these technological developments, Epic Games predicted technology trends to attend this year with metaverse.

First, the transformer campaign will increase. The transforma campaigns use the same digital assets as they are in many marketing activities as well as reality, as well as reality, as well as reality, and Valencia’s port Night Crossover Campaigns, which sells the same costumes in the offline stores, and Ferrari 296 The test drive event of the Ferrari, which was able to board and run on the GTB, belongs to it.

In addition, the cloud solution was a driving force to lead the real-time 3D revolution in 2022. Demand for remote collaboration has increased rapidly due to the last two years of pandomatics, and the Epic Games is a real time in real time, where Unreal Engine runs through Amazon Web Services, Micro Soft, and Google Clouds. Since it is possible to be performed, I predicted that it will be an alternative to traditional content production methods.

In addition, even if the pandatoms have improved, they have improved the growth reality and mixed reality graphics for better live event content, even if the public has improved again to participate in the exercise.

Epic Games Korea Park Sung Chul, a “interest in unreal engine, the most powerful real-time 3D technology, has been exploded for many years, and it is a necessary creative tool for the metabus, and the essential creation tool for the meta bus will be more faster “I said.

“To the center of the metaverse, there will be a creator, and for this purpose, the Epic Games will help you create an ecosystem with an open, advanced creative tools to participate in the meta bus, which will help you create a more dynamic and each other connected world.” Added.

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