Rumor of Bioshock 4 warns of “matters”

A new biochoke The game was announced on December 9, 2019. Little more than two years have passed since then and we have not seen anything of the game and we have not heard anything about its editor 2K Games, or from its developer, Cloud Chambers, A new study formed to create the first biochoque game since 2013. Usually, a prolonged silence in this industry is not a good sign. Or it means that a game was announced too soon or that it has some level of development problems. According to a new rumor, the new biochoke the game suffers from the latter.

On Twitter, the informant of the industry and the OOPS LEAKS filter recently transmitted the news that, although the project is not in development, that is, it has important problems of development, but it is having problems. According to the source, the company has bleeding 40 developers since the project began, including potential customers. In addition to this, it is affirmed that 2k “is not satisfied” with the development of the game so far, which has contributed to the number mentioned above, since not all the outputs have been my choice.

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«New Bioshock has developmental problems,” reads on a Tit of Oops Leaks. “The company lost around 40 employees, including potential customers. According to my information, 2K is not satisfied with the results and the rhythm of the project. However, judging by Take-Two Interactive’s recent financial report (the 2K parent company), the launch of the game is still planned by 2024. I have been told that some left alone, some were dismissed for several reasons However, it is not a ‘developer hell’ but a ‘slight restructuring’. The study has already begun to contract new employees. It is likely that the date of the ad chain for this reason ».

At the time of publication, none of this comes from any official source and none of this has been collaborated by any other source. Therefore, proceed with caution and take everything here with tweezers.

As always, we will keep it updated as more information arises, whether official or unofficial. Meanwhile, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section or, alternatively, contact me on Twitter. @Tyler_fischer_ and let me out there. What do you want to see from this new biochoque game?