Used phone compensation, the minimum of 30% of the shipment is guaranteed.

After purchasing a smartphone with a 48-month installment, you will be able to ensure that you have a minimum of 30% of your existing mobile phone shipments when you purchase a new terminal after 24 months.

The Broadcasting Communications Commission said 15 said that we have prepared this institutional improvement plan to prevent the use of the user’s damage to the used phone compensation program and benefits.

In the distribution site, the complaints that the description of the product contents and real benefits of the used phone compensation program are lacking, and the points of compensation are raised.

The Combat Market has established a system to improve the issue of highlands, reinforcing the compensation, and improving the compensation and improvement of compensation, and improving procedure, and improving the clarification of compensation and improvement of compensation standards and procedures.

The improvement plan was applied from Galaxy S22, which was held on 22nd.

First of all, the presentation application is densely written with a small letter of the product, so it is difficult to understand the main information, and the explanation of the product is not enough in the distribution scene, so that it has been improved.

When a user has to be aware of the compensation conditions, compensation rate, such as the use of the user, the compensation condition, the reward rate, etc.

Particularly, when the reward rate varies depending on the time of return, the compensation rate varies depending on the terminal state, and considering the payment fee permitted, the real compensation rate is reduced, and the subscription guidance SMS includes the fact that it can be canceled within 7 days I made it possible to cancel it easily when I was in the currency.

In addition, the minimum compensation rate is increased, and the user benefit is increased, such as increasing the terminal selectable at the time of execution.

The current US-Phone compensation program is a structure that reduces the compensation amount at a monthly period by 36 months after 24 months. Considering the service utilization fee for 24 months, it may be damaged to the user.

In addition, if the device is not selected when modifying the device for the right to execute the device, it is difficult to select another terminal, or if the terminal is discontinued or the release is delayed, there is a problem of reducing the reward solution.

As a result, the minimum compensation rate was reduced within 30 months of the row execution period to be less than 30%.

To avoid missing the rights execution period, the Reading SMS guidance was notified as a level similar to that of the time of subscription, and also increases the number of shipments, and also compensated at the same kind of terminal as well as other types of terminals.

In addition, we enlarge user convenience, such as improving demanding compensation conditions and standardizing compensation criteria.

The current program has been instrumented to be inevitable after repairing after repair, or if some functions are not returned or if some functions are damaged, they may not be able to execute the right and cause the user’s inconvenience.

If the user wants to return after repair, unauthorized modification, unauthorized modification, unrecorded, unidentified, unacceptable, except for the case where no repairs are unacceptable, but the right to compensate the cost of repair, Improved compensation procedures to avoid.

Used Cell Phone Device Management Grading Scale

The terms of the use of the deduction to different deduction criteria for different deduction criteria, and that it prevents user discrimination by providing a criteria that is not more disadvantageous than the deduction standards that apply to the general used phone purchase of the phone company.

The chairperson of Han Sang-hyuk said, “The users of the use of the Used Phone Compensation Program are fully understood and enrolled and enrolled, and the use of the user is expected to be prevented, benefits and benefits will be reinforced,” users can increase the contract period I wanted to check the contract and sign up as soon as possible.