LOL: The Kings is in trouble after the fourth week of the Telcel Division of Honor

Honor Division Telcel is about to start your last week of the first round of regular phase. The best of one will go to the history of the past in favor of the best of three, who will promote the competitive development of the participants. About them, The Kings is one of those who surprised, but not positively: royalty fell on the edge of the bottom of the table, having to gain their matches to move away from elimination.

The days 11 and 12 of the maximum competition of League of Legends left sensations. Specifically on the Media-Lower Table, where an Atomic ESports surprise came to take the point against The Kings and Six Karma. However, he could not against a Zylant Esports who got the minimum points to enter the round of BO3. Six Karma, on the other hand, accumulated a total of 10 victories with two defeats to enter the Top 2 next to Atheris Esports, which carries the same record.

The Kings did not have a week equal to that of Atomic Esports: he lost all his meetings on the three competitive dates. That leaves it behind six karma and atheris esports , who already earned him twice. Now you will have to take out all the character seen in the previous season if you want to continue in the campaign to the 1st place trophy. Their last matches are precisely against Atomic ESports and Artic Gaming, respectively. The last week of the first round of the Telcel Honor Division will begin on February 16.

Another party to consider is that of Tomorrow Sports against Zylan Esports , which could be a proven of what we will see in the eliminations.

About the MVPS, we have:

  • José “Pillo” Martínez . The experienced Zylant Player ESPORTS was key in the perfect week before The Kings with a 50% murder participation (KP); Double Digit of KDA before Atomic with 10 and 4 “Kills” before Arctic Gaming, no doubt, this performance needs Zylant to transcend in playoffs.
  • Guillermo “Virusfx” Navarrete . The great season of Six Karma is no coincidence, but Virusfx took the palms this week, with his 9 kDa front the Kings and 8 assists in the defeat against Atomic, a true “virus” for any defensive strategy on the map.
  • Héctor “Ball” Delgado . While, it has not been the best season of the experienced Mexican, this week showed the quality of it again, he accumulates + 55% of KP and 16 KDA before Six Karma, keep it that he could enter the final phase!
  • MVP of the week: Ivan “Sky” García . The young Mexican demonstrated “hunger” of triumph and besides being the MVP of his games in two of the three possible, he was dispatched with a KDA of 17 against Tomorrow ESPORTS, 50% of KP against Zylant and 12 “Kills” and 8 assists In front of Six Karma, a performance for heaven.

The Telcel Division of Honor will have a day of two days this week, taking place on February 16 and 17.