Ethnic music action “A Highland Song” announced. A girl aims at the sea for the first time in search of Scotland

Developer Inkle announced on February 10, rhythm action game “ A Highland Song “. Corresponding platform is PC (STeam) / abroad Nintendo switch. Release timing is called “coming soon”.

“A Highland Song” is an action game set in highland (Northern Scotland). The girl of the main character is Moira Mckinnon. She lived with her mother at a small house at the end of the Scottish Highland for 15 years. But one day, I will receive a letter from her uncle’s haamish and visit the coast. She is a nice surprise waiting for a lighthouse with hamish. She has never seen the sea, Moira will aim to be a sea from Hiland alone.

Highland is a land covered with ups and downs. Sleeping giants, ghosts of ghosts, crows carrying messages, such as various stories and songs full of songs. While it is fantastic, the topography is steep, the top of the mountains covers cold weather. Girl Moira’s journey will never be simple. Various roads cross the hilly area. If people were passed through, it seems that there is also a hidden way. By advancing such land, it can be touched with various stories, lost ones, and memory. Climb the summit, select the next route and use the actions such as hops, slides, jumps, etc., let’s play the road and open the way.

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In this work, it does not mean that everything can be tasted in one round, and the secret of highlands will be unlikely to play repeatedly. Let’s enjoy the handwritten animation style world on a horizontal scrolling stage drawn in 2.5D. In addition, the music of this work is working with the Composer Laurence Chapman and the scottish folk band Talisk and Fourth Moon. The fiddle and the guitar will scream, and nostalgic back music will also be the highlight of this work.

Studio Inkle, which works on “A Highland Song”, is a developer based in Cambridge in UK. So far, the language decoding adventure “Heaven’s Vault” and the World Travel Adventure “80 Days” have been released. “A Highland Song” is anticipation that it is likely to be a strong work of action, and it is anxious about how to deploy it with the storytelling power of the studio.

“A Highland Song” will be released for PC (STeam) / abroad Nintendo Switch. Unknown for console development in Japan. Also, the release time is expected to be revealed in the future.