Pokemon legends: Arceus – Thats how your giratina is catching

You still miss giratina in Pokémon legends: Arceus to complete your Pokédex ? You will learn in this guide:

  • When you have the opportunity to catch giratina
  • How to defeat the legendary Pokémon

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When can I catch giratina?

Pokémon Legends Arceus Giratina battle - How to beat Giratina
While you are in the main story of Pokémon legends: Arceus, you do not need to worry about when or how your giratina can catch. That works only if you play the main story and saw the credits . But there are other conditions that you have to fulfill.

Once the credits have run through, you can go to the search for Giratina. To do this, your Cogita will be a new visit. After she told you something about certain Hisui legends, your order is clear: You must collect six legendary Pokémon !

  • SELFE (white frostland)
  • Sheligigas (white frostland)
  • Tobututut (red marshland)
  • Vesprit (Obsidian Grassland)
  • Cresselia (Craterberg Highlands)
  • Heatran (cobalt coastal land)

At which places exactly you find you, we have marked you on the cards, which you find in the following picture gallery **.

What else do I have to do?

As soon as you captured the six legendary Pokémon, make you the way to the beach of the departure south of Jubeldorf. There you will expect from Expedition Saint Denboku , which you must defeat in the fight. If you succeed, you will receive a blackboard.

Then brings three pieces of wood to Cogita , which also handles a chalkboard.

ATTENTION, SPOILER! That’s how it works

Now volo answers to word! He wants you to travel with him to the Sinnoh Temple, as in his opinion, Giratina will show there. But it is very different than thought – and you have to suddenly compete against Volo.

He has six Pokémon – Arkani, Lucario, crackrack, crypst, Rosade and Togekiss – in his team. Make sure your Pokémon are high enough, as the opponents have the level 68.

Defeat your Volo, shows finally giratina! You have to survive two rounds against the Pokémon of Level 70, because after you have defeated it for the first time, it returns in a changed form. Tip: In your team, you have at least a very strong fairy and dragon-Pokémon to defeat Giratina.

Incidentally, if you should lose against giratina, you have to start from the front again and first defeat the six pocket monsters of Volo. If you win, you will receive from Volo the last table with which your chalkboard collection completes.

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Giratina catch: That’s how it works

However, her giratina would still have to catch, after all, you want to complete your Pokédex. There is a visit to Professor Laven in Jubeldorf. There you Side Mission 91: Giratinas remains and thus the order to look for the legendary Pokémon.

Your way leads you to the cobalt coastal country to be exact, to the cave of the reversal . We have marked you the place on the map.

Make sure you do not just wear normal poké balls, but also hyperballs in your bag and your team is strong and has full health. Defeat your giratina and catches the Pokémon, you get a platinum crystal , with which you can change the shape of Giratina if required.

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