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MOD carries the best non-Way Costume to Marvels Spider

Before it was released _ spider-man: no way home _, insomniac games revealed that the remastered version of _ Marvel’s Spider-Man _ in PlayStation 5 I would be receiving A few suits inspired by the movie. One of them in particular did not reach the video game for obvious reasons, but thanks to the modders, it is possible to use it.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - Character Switch Concept | PS5

At the end of no way home , we see that Peter Parker decides to move only to a department, where he begins to build his own version of the arachnid costume. During the last minutes of the film we can see the hero carrying this suit, which is much more similar to that of the comics and who left many fans delighted. Well, this suit has already arrived at _ Marvel’s Spider-Man _, but in an unofficial way.

As you could see in the video above, this suit is already usable within _ Marvel’s Spider-Man, _ but you will need to use the mods. Currently we do not know if Insomniac intends to incorporate this suit into the game officially, but it looks a lot like the classic suit that Spide uses at the beginning of this adventure, so it could be a fairly difficult possibility.

Editor’s Note: I love the way not way home showed us the maturation of Tom Holland, and how is it that its version of Spider-Man will finally be the hero that everyone wants to see on the big screen. The future of the character is certainly interesting, and I can not wait to see what Sony and Marvel do with him.