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Announced Screenwriter of System Shock Television Series Binge

System Shock Research Teaser Trailer - Nightdive Studios
Binge has announced the screenwriter of the television series based on System Shock.

The Streaming service, which officially announced the project at the end of last year, will have Greg Russo to write the frame of the adaptation of the classic Looking Glass Studios, of which NightDive Studios is working on a remake that should be published in 2022.

Russo is not a stranger when it comes to adapting video games to the small and large screen, in fact. He was responsible for the script of the Mortal Kombat film that premiered the Warner Bros. Last year, and who became a public success in HBO Max, and has also written the scripts for future adaptations of Space Invaders and Saints Row. This last project had an associate, the last time he was heard from him, Fr. Gary Gray, the director of tapes such as the negotiator, Straight Outta Compton, The Fate and the Furious or The Italian Job.

System Shock will be issued exclusively at the Streaming Binge service, company that is also preparing Hunt Adaptations: Showdown, Crytek, and Driver, Ubisoft.