Juve – Sassuolo 2: 1

The game was just a good quarter of an hour old when the first whistles were heard in the Allianz Stadium – Juventus Turin was even the front. The Team of Massimiliano Allegri seemed to rest on the lightning start by Dybala (3rd) early, acted in a retardant and made sure that replacement keepers had perin with parades against Berardi (13th) and Kyriakopoulos (16th) properly. The 1: 1 by Traoré, who only received from three Juve defenders, and then see the ball in the right corner (24.), was only the logical consequence of a maximum half-yarn performance of the defending champion in the first half hour.

Only then, the Bianconeri woke up a little, the game was more balanced and had two good opportunities before the break whistle: Both McKennie (35th) and new entry Vlahovic (37th) failed but on 40-year-old Sassuolo-Keeper Pegolo. Vlahovic had – just like Zakaria – after his dream debut in the league again the starting element was preserved, but remained pale up to his exuberant grand chance in the first passage.

Juventus desperately at Pegolo – then Vlahovic comes

After the side change, however, it changed fundamentally. JUVE came out of the cabin as transformed, burned off a true offensive firework – and Vlahovic was in the middle of it. But the Serb failed twice at the strong pegolo (60th, 63.), and McKennie met with a beautiful Schlenzer only the post (55th). The favorite besieged the Sassuolo penalty area and sparked powerful pressure, only the ball did not want the line. Best example: a slapstick action in the 73rd minute, in which Pegolo initially parried to McKennie, then the post hit the post, before the shot bonucci carried the ball somehow over instead of the empty gate.

Juventus 2-1 Sassuolo | Vlahovic sends Juve to the semifinals | Coppa Italia Frecciarossa 2021/22

Juventus desperately desperate his own opportunity giant – and on 40-year-old Pegolo, who bid against Rabiot (82nd) ​​the next glory. The bitter for the outstanding backman, the conclusion of the ultimately playing hit was: Vlahovic came to the left too easy past müldle, but his shot of pointed angle would probably not even come to the goal – but Ruan countered him against Pegolos running direction in the short corner (88.). For Vlahovic, however, it was not the second goal in the second Juve game, the hit was officially considered the own goal. In the semifinals of Coppa Italia Juventus now meets the AC Florence, which had previously won 3: 2 in Bergamo.