Wagner brothers win NBA

The Wagner brothers continued their upward trend in the North American Basketball Profiliga NBA and celebrated their third victory in the youngest four games. At the 119: 118 away success on the Indiana Pacers, Liga-Neutling Franz Wagner convinced 17 points, his older brother Moritz came on eight counters.

The young Magic team remains with only twelve wins from 53 playing the team with the worst balance of the league, but is now absolutely competitive. Franz Wagner (20) continues to play an outstanding rookie season. Since the end of November, the national player in 35 games has not spotted three times not double-digit.

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Dennis Schröder also succeeded in victory with the Boston Celtics at 113: 107 against the Charlotte Hornets, but the former Braunschweiger continues to be unusual, the former Braunschweiger presents itself. Schröder came to six points and remained single digit for seventh time. After all, he took twice as many with eight lows as well as last, but only met three times.

Maxi Klebers Ten points could not prevent the second defeat of Dallas Mavericks in a row, the Texans subject Oklahoma City Thunder 114: 120. Trist is the everyday life of Daniel Theis at the Houston Rockets. At 115: 106, the center was not used for seventh time in series. With 15 victories from 51 plays Houston is one of the worst teams of the league.