The Rights of The Lord of the Rings are on sale

For years, the rights of _ The Lord of the Ring _ and The Hobbit To produce movies, series, videogames, theme park, merchandise and live events, have been in the hands of Zaentz Co., a company that He has controlled these aspects since 1976. However, this is about to change, since the rights to The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit are on sale.

According to Variety, due to the attention you are receiving J.r.R’s work. Tolkien as a result of the next premiere of the Amazon series, Zaentz Co. considers that this is the right time to sell the rights they have, and hope to get close to $ 2 billion . Although at the moment there is no official information, the company of Jeff Bezos has been pointed out as the main buyer.

Along with the rights to produce films, series, videogames, theme park, merchandise and live events, the purchase also gives limited coincidence rights in case the Heritage of Tolkien decides to make tapes or other content based on The Silmarillion and _ Unfinished tales of numbers and Middle Earth, in order to produce something similar to The Rings of Power.

However, this does not mean that Peter Jackson’s trilogy is involved in this agreement. Warner Bros. also maintains some cinematographic development rights of The Lord of the Rings through its New Line Cinema property. However, a substantial part of these rights returned to Zaentz Co. Last year, this after it became known that Warner did not intend to produce live action in this world.

Although at the moment there is no clear buyer, it would not be surprising to hear that the rights that are currently in power from Zaentz Co., go to Amazon. _ The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power_ will arrive at Amazon Prime Video on September 2, 2022. In related topics, we already know when the first trailer of the series will be released.

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Editor’s note:

While this could mean a new era of content, especially when we talk about videogames, I would not like to see a new movie trilogy. The work of Peter Jackson is almost perfect when we talk about The Lord of the Rings. However, an adaptation of The Silmarillion sounds attractive.