Phil Spencer could not convince Microsoft about Xbox Game Pass

It is easy to say that Phil Spencer has transformed xbox since it seized the brand in 2014. Perhaps the greatest change, in addition to the acquisitions of studies, is xbox game pass. However, persuade executives from Microsoft ** that this service was a good idea, it was not always an easy task.

In a recent report of WSJ about the new CEO of Microsoft Gaming, was revealed that Spencer had to insist several times for Microsoft Finally accept the idea of ​​ Game Pass. Richard Irving, Who previously worked at Xbox , spoke about the challenges that Spencer faced before building the service.

“At meetings, Microsoft people used to present all kinds of arguments about why Game Pass would not work – Publishers would not want to participate, or it would be something with very few income…

Phil never accepted a ‘no’ in response. “

At this point surely that both Spencer and Microsoft are happy that he was so insistent. Recently it was revealed that the service had already exceeded 25 million subscribers, and everything indicates that Game Pass ** is growing at a truly fast rhythm.

Editor’s note: Xbox Game Pass is one of the services that the higher value offers users, especially if we consider each game of the Xbox Game Studios a day one to the platform. Once the agreement with Activision Blizzard is concrete, the Xbox team will now be made up of 35 studies.