Dying Light 2: Your jumping is not? So the mighty kick succeeds

The first courageous among you are already fighting by the Posta Pokalypse of Dying Light 2. So that you have the most round game started, we want to answer Pokalypse your most important questions about the zombie action game. Underneath, which has what it has with Aidden’s jump to him, which he should run early in the game during a tutorial.

So your Aidden jumps out correctly

During the prologue, it is your task to eliminate a small group of apostates with the newly introduced by the game. The action will take you to PlayStation and Xbox consoles as follows:

  • First brings the attacker into a tumbling block with a well-toted block. To do this, you press before your weapon meets L1 (PlayStation) or LB (Xbox)
  • The opponent is doing now before you, runs on him and pushes fast R1 / RB
  • starts aid his jump, to quickly see your goal with the right analog stick and presses R2 / RT

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Aiden now jumps through the air with the leg and brings his counterpart with a mighty kick and shares properly harm. If you perform the action correctly three times in succession, you mastered the task.

Helpful tips and tricks for entry

For the Pokalypse Test of Dying Light 2 we were able to play all the way completely and have stopped dozens of hours in Villedor. We have collected abundant experience with the game and eight useful tips written up for you, which we would like to know earlier.

Including the important note that your side quest should do as soon as possible. It can certainly be that you are no longer available. What we advise you yet, you read here:

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more on the subject

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So that you have the best possible time with Techland’s action game, we will accompany the game in detail for you. In addition to guides, such as you eliminate the nasty Gamebreaking bug, we keep you up to date on current patches. How colleague Chris holds in his tech check for PS4 and PS5, there are still abundantly annoyances that should be eliminated by the developers.

On Pokalypse, however, you will also find help for important coop mode . How it works and from which point in the game you can gamble together with friend *, you will learn this.