You can not get Google Stades on the first day, even if you have pre

Almost every day we learn something new about Google Stadia, and this term “new” does not necessarily mean it’s good news. In particular, during the past week, we learned the limits of mobile networks and wireless game, which will disappoint the first users.

In addition, we also learn today, as Google confirmed as a result of the specific request made by The Verge, that you may not receive Stadia on the first day of November 19, even if you Pre-ordered your Founder’s Edition or Premiere Edition package.

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On this request, Google has indicated the edge on the last blog article on the Stadia website, where it is mentioned that the packets “will arrive” on November 19, a definition that places the company Mountain View in a place where we do not May never say that she has left her expectations indifferent delivery.

The good news is that “Google tells us that it expects the editions of the Founder and Premiere Editions to be delivered in the first two weeks of launch. And that seems likely, according to the messages we see when We try to order a copy of the first edition now, “so the wait should not take centuries.

In case you wish, Founder’s Edition offers you the dark blue controller exclusively dedicated to Founders Edition, a “founder badge” on your account, the possibility of offering a three-month pass to a friend and the possibility of Get a unique stadia. Username. FIRST EDITION is the package that has been set up once the founder has been sold in most territories.