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Dead game offline exhibition “Tokyo Game Dungeon” to August 7th. Up to 80 spaces are exhibited for the original works for all ages

Tokyo Game Dungeon Preparatory Meeting announced on February 7th, an offline exhibition “Tokyo Game Dungeon” in Indie Games from August 7th. The venue is the second floor exhibition room of the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Hamamatsu Museum, and the entrance fee is tax-included 750 yen. Digital game works for all ages will be displayed in up to 80 spaces.

Tokyo Game Dungeon is an offline exhibition of the game sponsored by Individual Developer Iwasaki. According to him, indie game developers tend to store works and need a deadline and announcement. In addition, even if there are few means to declare even if the work is released, it seems to be buried without interesting. Therefore, he is a motivation to hold an exhibition to create a chance to complete the work to complete and send out the work. Tokyo Game Dungeon is to be held first.

In the Tokyo Game Dungeon, Tokyo Game Dungeon, Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center, Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center, Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center in Hamamatsu-machi, the north side of Hamamatsu-cho, 6 hours from 12:00 to 18:00 on August 7 It is displayed. The exhibition targets are all age digital gaming works by the original of the exhibitors. Secondary creation and adult works can not be exhibited. Admission fee is tax-included 750 yen, and tickets will be sold through electronic ticket sales services from July 1. Also from March 1st, recruitment of exhibitors is started. The exhibition is up to 80 spaces, and if the constant is exceeded, the exhibitor decided by lottery. A tax-included 5500 yen is required as an exhibition fee. In addition, if the event cancels due to a new coronavirus infection, the entrance fee and the exhibition fee are refunded. As a game-related offline event, it will be a week before the comic market 100, but it is likely to be expected to distribute and exhibit works different from Comiket.

Mr. Iwasaki hosted by Tokyo Game Dungeon is an individual developer that he began to create a game from the 30’s. As a developer, ADV “Secret exposure” and escape game “light lamp” which interrogate suspect of certain cases is released free of charge. He also seems to have held more than 70 times a rally acknowledgment “Mokumoku Meeting” for game developers using Game Engine Unity.

OFF-line exhibition “Tokyo Game Dungeon” of the original game for all ages is scheduled to be held on the north side of his second floor exhibition room, Tokyo Metropolitan Industry Trade Center from 12:00 August 7. Entrance fee is tax-included 750 yen.