Battletoads arrive-t

The 26-year break of Battle loads is almost over. Rash, Ritz and Pimple come back under the spotlight on August 20 in a brand-new adventure. Restarting the extremely difficult series will be launched on PC and Xbox One, but there are other platforms on which it could be published.

Two notable exceptions are the Nintendo Switch and the Sony PlayStation 4 console. Both systems could run Battledores, but the lateral scrolling beats will arrive at one or the other of the platforms?


At this moment no. Battle toads will be an exclusive Microsoft platforms, so it will be launched on PC and Xbox One until the end of August. This could be a disappointment for the owners of Switch and PS4, but it makes sense when you dive into the decision behind this movement.

Rare, who helped Data Studios to develop Battle toads, is one of the developers owners of Xbox Game Studios. As such, it would be a strange decision for Microsoft to wear Battle toads on the switch or the PS4 and to dilute sales on its own platforms.

This could change in the future if Battle toads is a resounding success and if there are enough clambers from Switch and PS4 users to play the game on their systems. On the two, it is likely that Battle toads would be published on Switch because of the current battle between Microsoft and Sony on console exclusives.

For the moment, however, Battle toads will only enter PC and Xbox One.