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Displacement of Hogwarts Legacy? New notes bring all-clearing

Recently, rumors about a bumpy development at Hogwarts Legacy, even from a shift to 2023 was the speech. Newly refined instructions, however, now bring all-clear, so that Harry Potter fans can breathe as well.


Official website confirms release period

After recently, the statement of a podcast host had given a release in 2023, there is now apparently all-clear. The official website Warding World , which houses everything around the Harry Potter Universe, has confirmed in an update that Hogwarts Legacy should appear 2022 . (Source: Warding World)

Original message:

Does Hogwarts Legacy only come 2023?

Since 2018, the rumors spook around the Open World RPG Hogwarts Legacy and at the latest since September 2020 is clear: The game will come.

After the publication was originally planned for 2021 , the role play had to endure an official shift from Warner Bros. Games.

If you believe the statement of the moderator Colin Moriarty from the podcast Sacred symbol: A PlayStation Podcast, fans could expect another delay. In the podcast, Moriarty speaks that he heard behind the scenes that the game will no longer get out this year and it is in trouble. (Source: Apple podcasts)

There are about problems in the development of the Open World Games? Warner Bros. Games has not yet been expressed, so nothing of the same is confirmed.

Experience has shown that Open-World games have an extreme development effort due to their scope. Even with the quality inspection, errors are always found to be made up. So it is quite possible that Hogwarts Legacy is one of the many victims of the difficult production conditions since the pandemic appearance.


A Fixed release date has not been fixed anyway, only the year 2022 has been mentioned. Therefore, a shift in the next year seems even more likely. Until we have official statements on the part of Warner Bros. Games, but you should enjoy this information with caution .

In our crisp video you can see where you want to make your 2022 also wrote around the release, but hopefully appear: