Balaika and the TSG Sprockhövel go separate ways

It aligns the end of an era. As the TSG Sprockhövel informed Via Facebook, the cooperation between the club and it’s a total of seven years in office head coach Andrews Alaska ends in the summer. In the current season, the ex-regional leader ranks eleven the Oberlin Westphalia.

Alaska looks back on a successful term of office. With the A-youth he succeeded in 2016 the promotion to the Junior Bundesliga. Only a year later he led the men’s team to the Regionally West. Why the chapter Alaska ends, the club does not explain. We wish Andrews all the best for the future and stay athletic and friendly connected, the club thanks his longtime chef coach.

Co trainer becomes new boss

Who should step in the big foot stamps of Alaska, is meanwhile already clarified. Yakut Goes, co-trainer and sporty head of the TSG, will succeed the successor trainer. After talks with several applicants, we decided to handover responsibilities as a head coach to our current co-trainer and sporting director Yakut Goes. For Yakut talked to the other applicants in addition to his qualification as a coach that he played in the TSG youth And as a coach worked in our youth department. In addition, he collected as a trainer experience in the youth departments of Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04, explains the Skylab.