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Lineage 2m is in Polish and just announced a lot of news


Game in Lineage 2m? Well, see what your beloved (???) Story Dungeon is waiting for this year. NCSoft presented detailed Roadmap presenting upcoming news. January: Three New Dungeons (Kite Pirates Base, Secret Nebulite Depository, Temple of the Seal) February: New class (Bremnon Knight, Seraphin Knight), New Territory (Oren) MARCH: NEW CLASS (Spear) Second quarter 2022: Castle Siege, New Dungeon (The Last Garden, Ketra Barracks) Third quarter 2022: NEW Territory (ADEN), NEW Story Dungeon (Tower of Insolence), New Class (GreatSword) Fourth quarter 2022: New class (Crossbow) Lineage 2m is the second most profitable Story Dungeon from NCSoft (after ~ 150 million dollars for quarter), which at the beginning of December debuted in Europe. The game is available on PC and mobile devices… and is available in the Polish language version. You play here .