“No Nicknagel”, but suddenly bank pressing: Ginter changes in winter?

A clearer sign could not have been able to put trainers ADI Hunter. After 2: 1 at FC Bayern he took only two changes. The diseased Christoph Kramer was replaced by Laszlo Bones — and defense chief Matthias Winter had to clear his place for newcomer Marvin Friedrich.

After 15 Bundesliga starting elevators in a row and an appealing performance against the record champion (clearer sign note 3) a very surprising measure. Should Winter possibly be pushed into a change in winter so Playback can still generate a transfer?

Hunter explained the personnel of a purely athletic viewing angle. He made the decision on Friday before graduation training. Tony Jantschke played very well, he is a communicator, said the Austrian at Sky, he also praised the interplay of the Routinize with Luca Net.

Already at the press conference on Thursday he had briefly announced the topic of Winter ( fact is that we have already invested in the future. In the end, the performance principle counts. ). Whether Hunter believe that Winter is now a change. The transfer window is open until January 31, said the coach, winter was professional enough. But: He knows that we can still need him.

Also sports director Max Ebert named athletic reasons. The watch removal of Friedrich for Winter wants to prefer Playback after Inverter’s contract expires in summer. We like a decision together, he said to the negotiations with Winter. With the national player who wants to the World Cup in November, one was very open. We talked to Matze about it after we made the transfer (with Friedrich, D. Red.).

Now the booklet of action is the 27-year-old. We do not send any players away, he is not a person for us, Ebert emphasized and then repeated what he had said on Thursday. To date, there was no offer for Winter. I have nothing at the table where I can talk about.

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