“Blabry Default Brilliant Lights” officially service started on January 27. 10th Anniversary Works of Single Play, where the character of past works gather

Square Enix announced that the official service start date of the latest Baby Default Brilliant Rights for iOS / Android for Baby series will be on January 27. In addition, Instruction Manual, which conveys details such as the world view of this work, the basic play, the basic play, and the battle system and the development, etc. The instruction manual can be viewed from the official site.


The Bravely series started in the first Baby Default Flying Fairy released in October 2012, and in 2015, Bravely Demanded Layer, Bravely Demanded Layer, February 26, 2015, Lee Default II is the RPG series released. In 2022, in the year of the 10th anniversary of the 10th anniversary of the 10th anniversary, Baby Default Brilliant Lights is produced as a 10th anniversary. In the production of smartphone versions, the combination of various job abilities and the battle system Slave & Default to prepare the turn system command battle behavior is optimized. A single play RPG that can be played by everyone No character geisha The series character will participate one after another Brave & Default System Recruiting, and it seems to be a game design of the consumer game.

The stage of the story of Bravely Default Brilliant Rights is roughly divided into three. It is the stage of Baby Default Flying Fairy, Legendary, Bravely Default II The Extant continent, and the Hermetic continent of the first appearance of this work. The flushing street brass, which is the beginning of this work, is the only land blessed with water and green in the Hermetic continent that spreads with a barren wilderness called blood sand. One day, a ball of dazzling light is generated from the pyramids near the brass, and soon after that mysterious people will visit the city. They are all from Dundalk and Extant Continent. There is a character from the Extant continent who has been transferred to the pyramid by the light sphere, and there is also a character from the Extant continent that has been transferred to the pyramid, and the successive hero and the asterisk holder are also seen by this light sphere.

The newly released instruction manual is 42 pages and large volumes. It is the content that will be concerned about the start of the game, such as how to proceed with the prologue and adventure of the story, and how to develop the character. TIPS, which supplements the world view, etc. is also published, and it is felt like a manual that came with good old RPG. I can read it from the official site, so let’s read it before playing.

Bravely Default Brilliant Lights will start officially service for January 27 for iOS / Android.

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