Rade temperature 1st! MSI, Korea 1 AMD Graphics Card Selected

MS Ai Korea (Representative Execution) said MSI graphics cards were selected in the ‘AMD’ graphics card from the ‘2021 second half of the second half of the second half of the world,

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Canada Hit brand is based on market research data on price comparison site Dana, announced, announced, announced its most popular products in Korea, Radon RX 6800 AT Gaming X Trio 16 GB Iterator 2, MSI Radon RX 6600 AT Make 2X OC V1 8 GB, MSI Radon RX 6600 AT Make 2X 8 GB.

Currently, in MSI, we celebrate this hit brand selection, conducting events for a total of four weeks from January 5. Events shared Events with MSI with quizzes, and will participate in the MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Gaming X Twins, and the MSI Lucky Box, and the MSI Lucky Box.

‘MSI Radon RX 6800 AT Gaming X Trio 16 GB Trainer 2’ Graphics Card is a more powerful cooling performance and extremely powerful cooling performance It is a graphics card that provides the best gaming environment with quietness.

In addition, the core of cooling and low noise ‘TOK 4.0 fans are more intensively suppressed and excellent the heat of the graphics card, and the fans rotate according to the graphics card temperature The noise has a significantly lowered environment. MSI-specific RGB LED technology, ‘Mystic Light’ is a ‘MSI Center’ software, which is easily applied to the RGB LED effect of the graphics card.

If you want to confirm additional information about the MSI Radon graphics card, please contact the MSI Korea homepage.