Dead by Daylight: After 6 years the most annoying mechanics are removed

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Dead by Daylight Protects a lot of improvements for solo players and removes the most annoying gameplay. Gone are the times of the button mashing.

With its now 6 years on the hump, Dead by Daylight has become cleared from a small horror insider tip to the Genre Giant. In the 4VS1 killer game, the darkest horror licenses gather — but the gameplay has annoying properties in some places. The developers have now revealed what to improve in the coming months and thrown a look at the future.

The most annoying mechanics of Dead by Daylight will probably disappear.

The end of eternal pressing a button

If you are as a survivor in the comfortable location that a team colleague is busy the killer long, then the gameplay on the generator is more annoying. This is mainly because permanently keeps the left mouse button (or corresponding button on the game pad) to keep it on to the generator.

A new option in the coming patch will change that. If you want, you can set in the options in the options that such action will be permanent with a single press of a button. So you click once and then stays on the generator until you press the button again.

Of course, skill checks will continue to appear during this time, in which you must press the Action button in time.

However, you have a hand in repairing the generator and no longer have to hold the mouse button for over a minute in a row.

Along wise, the option that continues actions (such as healing, generator repair, clean, etc.) automatically cancel if you start with a sprint. So it can not happen that your mistakes on the generator stuck, though you really want to flee, because you have not used you to the new attitude.

The end of the annoying Wiggle spam

Another, annoying feature of Dead by Daylight is the wiggle. Survivors can fight when they are carried by killer. You always have to press two keys in fast sequence again and again. Not only does that little fun, but also ensures pain in the fingers after a while.

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Therefore, the Wiggle mechanics is also converted to skill checks, similar to generators or the 2nd phase on the hook.

The skill check is a permanent phenomenon, while the survivor is worn, with 2 hit zones — left and right. Every time the survivor exists a skill check, the Wiggle display continues, and the skill check goes in the other direction where the second hit zone needs to be hit; Back and forth, always changing.

Power making should finally be improved

Although Dead by Daylight has been using the BMM (Skill Based Match Making) for a while, there is always criticism of the matches. Frequently, the games feel unfairly and if a player disconnects, all other surviving players will be punished because they lose high probability and their rating is so sinking. Therefore, there are three changes in which the developers work.

Improvement for reverse: If a player goes out of a lobby, then Dead by Daylight attempts to fill up as quickly as possible and also allows the quality out of it, so that players often join, which are far below or above the rating of the residual. This should be changed in the future.

Improvement at Disconnect: Disconnects are not well handled in a game. Here you want to make adjustments, so that the change on the rating does not precipitate as serious when you lose rapidly due to a disconnect.

Lighter matches after long breaks: If you have spaced breaks for a few weeks or months and then get back into Dead By Daylight, is not as good as before a while. However, the rating has not been influenced so that the first matches will be hard and crushing. Over time, inactivity, the rating should be reduced so that you can have a pleasant re-entry into the game.

Solo player should have it easier

A little later — so probably only in many months — the developers want to make a number of improvements to support solo players on side of the survivors. These are currently strongly disadvantaged. Depending on the skill rating, there is a difference of 15% in the likelihood that it comes out of a match alive or not.

To compensate for this difference, one wants to give the solo survivors more information to make them more involved in the team events. For example, an Icon at the Porter of each survivor, on which you just realize what the survivor is roughly recognizable, is about whether he works on a generator, opens a box or hid in a cabinet.

However, this is only considered, and the developers want to open this discussion open and obtain feedback from the player.

After all, the goal is to give the survivors more advantages and killers make the game harder — it’s just the disadvantage of solo players in the survivors should be balanced.

The first of these changes you can already test in the Steam version of Dead by Daylight from tomorrow night (05.01.2022), then the PTB should go online.

What do you think of the planned changes? Good and meaningful ideas? Or is that unnecessary?