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Forza Horizon 5 tips – so do your cars

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Fora Horizon 5 of Playground Games is pretty much fun, whether participating in street races, build new festival sites or find barn finds. While you can customize it that it is so arcade-like as you want, its simulation aspects are still unbelievably robust. This extends the opportunity to upgrade and coordinate pretty much every aspect of your car. While you might think that the automatic upgrade of a vehicle is the A and O to improve performance, manual tuning is a very important key at all that.

Not every race in Fora Horizon 5 is the same. A drag race on straight road emphasizes speed and acceleration, but grip and handling are more important for an off-road race (without sacrificing too much of their speed there). Being able to vote your vehicle based on the conditions and requirements of a race can be a challenge, but also offer a significant advantage.

How to Tune in Forza Horizon 5 | Basics of Tuning Guide
To manually tune your car, go to the garage and choose upgrades and tuning. Look for the Custom Upgrade option to customize every aspect of a car. You can also tune a car from a race, but it is recommended to familiarize yourself with every aspect of tuning and familiarize yourself with what’s best in which scenario works best.

Let’s look at the different aspects of tuning, starting with platform and handling:

Race Brakes — Options for Tuning Your Brakes
Race / Drift / Rally Feather and Damper — Adjust the alignment of springs and dampers
Race Front Stabilizer — Tun the Front Stabilizer
Race Stabilizer rear — Tune the rear stabilizer

Next come the tuning options of the powertrain:

Sports gearbox — Tuning only for the axle drive
Any Race Transmission — Options for all gear tuning
Sport differential — only for tuning the acceleration differential
Race / Rally / Offload / Drift Differentials — Tuning Options for All Differentials

Tires and rims only have a tuning option for Any Tire Compound. Aero and appearance tuning options can be divided into the following

Adjustable front socket — Tuning for the front Aero Downforce
Adjustable rear wing — Tuning for the back Aero output

If you want to learn all the basics of tuning and functions of each option, look at the video instructions below from Hiroshi. It is highlighted which option must be adjusted depending on the situation, which setting to under steer and over control, etc.

Fora Horizon 5 is currently available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC. Further information can be found here in our official review.