Towards a merger of Western servers

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At the end of October, AKA GAMES officially launched the Western version of LYON and as often on the occasion of the launch of a new MMORPG, the servers were abused because of the players’ influx. A few days after the exit, Aka Games was forced to deactivate the RVR on the most populous servers and new servers were open — a second North American server and two additional European servers in addition to the one available at the exit.

As often, once the first days’ euphoria, players are normalizing, the servers are emptied and the operator is considering military mergers to bring together all players. LYON does not escape the rule — This is all the more true here that the MMORPG has come out in the shadow of New World and has not quite encountered the expected popular success. Aka Games is therefore preparing to merge the MMORPG servers to keep only a European server (ANDROMEDA) and a North American server (Cassiopeia).

In a note published on the official website, the operator states wanting to take the time to do things properly. In other words, the merger will only be operated in mid-February and by then, the studio stands for the preparations: with the deployment of the next January 5, it will no longer be possible to create from New characters on the servers that will disappear (the North American Eridanus server and the Sagittarius and Perseus European servers). Players already having characters on these servers will obviously continue to play and if some players want to find nearby, so it will be necessary to create a character before the 5th of January. Also note that the players of the waiters who will disappear will receive some bonus objects, in compensation of the inconvenience.