Domestic E Sports Calendar Site Taiyoro released From RTA to popular titles you can see the games and dates at a glance

Japanese calendar types have actually consisted of a variety of authorities and also unofficial systems. Currently, Japan uses the Gregorian calendar with each other with year classifications mentioning the year of the reign of the current Emperor. The written kind starts with the year, after that the month and also lastly the day, accompanying the ISO 8601 criterion. For instance, February 16, 2003, can be written as either 2003年2月16日 or 平成15年2月16日 (the latter complying with the regnal year system). 年 reads NEN and also suggests year, 月 reviews Gansu as well as means month and lastly 日 (generally) reviews niche (its pronunciation relies on the number that precedes it, see listed below) and means day.
Prior to the intro of the Gregorian calendar in 1873, the recommendation calendar was based upon the unipolar Chinese calendar.

The playback was opened on December 27th, E Sports Calendar Site Tailor. In addition, the delivery information of the domestic E-sports tournament has been released, which the site accumulated over the past year.

Tailor is a platform that aims to provide the fun of watching E sports. At the same site, the delivery schedule information of the E-sports tournament before holding is exposed, and past delivery archive recording is also scheduled. At the same site, a large-scale protrude competition also covered community level tournaments and new tournaments. It is recommended to cooperate with the event organizer, media and communities, and to update E-sports fan expansion and development for the purpose of developing.

If you actually check the site, a wide range of titles are introduced. The tournaments such as Street Fighter V Champion Edition held at the end of the year, Beast Object 4, Shadowier, Pokémon Unite, PUBG Mobile Apex Legends, etc. are arranged in the event list. In addition, the current domestic spinning event RTA in Japan currently being held has also been introduced. Using all means, RTA, who competes for shortening clear time, can also be regarded as E Sport personal competition. At the same site, a fair variety of tournaments will be introduced.

Tailor provides a suggestion of recommended events for users, search functions in the game title, and the like. View later to view a viewing schedule management with the bookmark function. On the event list page, the title and schedule scheduled to be held can be confirmed by the first time. It is convenient that the information is compiled and the title you know immediately can check the title and the title you know.

According to the site of the site, the number of E-sports tournament distributions for 2021 was counted by more than 1500 cases. The viewing time is 3.5 billion, that is, it seems to be about 5833 hours. In addition, E-sports real condition and commentator appeared in the same year’s delivery are data that makes it possible to feel the spread of demand by more than 150 people. Tailor seems to be a database that will also serve as a database related to these domestic E sports demand. Sites that integrate delivery information exhaustively focused on domestic tournaments are rare. E Sports will be a new channel to increase the sports.

The playable of this service manager is a company based in Japan. It seems to be involved in the operation of domestic E sports tournament and marketing campaign. Tailor is now looking forward to how to penetrate domestic E sports fans and potential fans in the future.