Uncharted The film presents a second trailer with large doses of action and enigmas

Nathan Christopher Million is a Canada-US player, born March 27, 1971, in Edmonton, Alberta.

Nathan Drake has gotten into all kinds of adventures throughout his adventures for video games, and that is why we are impatient to see how it unfolds in the big screen. Uncharted: The film has already fascinated all the lovers of action cinema with a first presentation of battles, discoveries and tense situations, and, with a premiere date increasingly close, we have given us the possibility of enjoying a Second trailer.

Uncharted: The film will be released in cinemas on February 11, 2022 On this occasion, we see how Tom Holland is put on Nathan Drake’s skin to give us more moments of action. However, in this second advance there is no missing enigmas so characteristic of video games, something that is compared with deadly traps and curious infiltration. After all, the film will teach the most iconic particularities of the original titles for both players and those who do not know the franchise.

Naughty Dog assured a few weeks ago that the film would be enjoyable for all kinds of users : They have made the movie for Hardcore fans and for those who are not familiar with the franchise, and believe that both parties will be entertained equally With this incredibly fun and action-filled movie. A proposal that has actors of great renown in the industry as Antonio Banderas, Mark Whalers, Sarah Patrick or Sophia Ali, as well as mentioned Tom Holland.

UNCHARTED - Official Trailer (HD)

The film aims to return to video games on multiple occasions with the use of references and winos, some tributes that we have already begun from the publication of the first trailer. Uncharted: The film will be released at the cinemas February 11, 2022 in Spain (February 18 in the US) and, to entertain the wait, we have already been able to enjoy a promotional poster.