Legends Pok mon Arceus Discover the clans of Hisui in a new trailer

Legends Pokémon: Arelegends clans Show who are the leaders of the two main clans in the region. The hierarchy of the diamond and pearl clans show their face together with the merchants that will follow us during the adventures. You can see the trailer in Clegends clanstilian at the top of this news.

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New faces from the Hisui Region | Pokémon Legends: Arceus

That’s how the hierarchy of the Pokémon legends clans: Arelegends clans

Adams will be the leader of the diamond clan. The wrath of the great Singh will fall on you one day, he touched the leader of the pearl clan, Jakarta. The young woman is considered methodical and foreclegends clanst, and she is skilled using the flute. Both appear faced during the video. You say I lose time? Rather, you’re making me lose you with your nonsense! He says Adams in one of the dialogues shown.

On the side of the merchants, the Ginkgo company will be responsible for providing us with the flow of materials that we will need. Vols and Bill are the two characters that will work under his shield. Some materials shown are interesting for the community. One of them is the rewrote, an ingredient necessary in the elaboration of objects that return knowledge to weakened Pokémon.

The repellent herb, on the other hand, points to that counts with medicinal properties, but its flavor does that the wild Pokémon abroad her. The llegends clanst of the objects corresponds to the sword mushroom, which allows increlegends clansing the musculature and providing more strength. In the description we are already indicated that it is a vital ingredient of the offensive dragée.

In Meditation we have been able to review locations unveiled so far at HIS UI. The most remarkable thing you should know is that there is no confirmation that it is an open world; Rather, we are facing a region divided into different ecosystems in the form of arelegends clans with freedom of movement. You can read it in details through this link.

Remember that the next January 28, 2022 will arrive exclusively for Nintendo Switch systems.