Bold and doll in top 8 at France s double success

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At the home double success of Emilie Jacqueline’s 20,000 spectators in the French Le Grand Born and in the World Cup mass start before his compatriot Quentin Dillon Mailed and the Norwegian Tanja BO there was a conciliatory degree for the German team. Hochfilzen sprint winner Kuhn and ex-sprintwelter Doll had to go into the penalty as well as Jacqueline once. Kuhn was 17.7 seconds after 15 kilometers; Doll had 27.1 seconds behind the winner. Philipp Na wrath (3 shooting mistakes) ended the first men’s mass start of the season in the 19th place 19. Ex-world champion Erik Lesser was not able to build on his good performance in the persecution after four shooting errors, when the 33-year-old had become tenth. Roman Sees (2) came to rank 28. In the women’s race previously, Vanessa Hind and Cannes Vogt made Vogt as 22nd and 24. Not under the top 20. Scores, Results, Calendar