ACEND is Valorant World Champion

Valorant is a free-to-play multiplayer ego shooter created by Trouble Gaming. It is the initial video game that Riot Games established in this genre. The game was introduced for the very first time in October 2019 with the Code name Project A. It was released on 2 June 2020 for Windows. Originally, the magazine was prepared for the summer 2020. A closed beta version began on April 7, 2020. Involvement for the shut beta was executed by sending out Game keys for looking from Livestream to the game on the video system Twitch (supposed Jerk Decrease ). The Twitch account had actually to be attached to the Riot Gaming account. On 2 June 2020 Valorant left the beta phase.

AMEND is the first Valorant World Champion. The European-occupied team based in Austria won the final of the Valorant Champions in Berlin with 3: 2 against Gambit Esports from Russia — and provided with the winning of the first champions for a surprise. Accordingly, the winners gave themselves: It feels incredible, said the Euphoric AMEND professional Santeria Bone cold Sassy after the final win.

AMEND as a supposed outsider in the final

When the final pairing was fixed, the European organization was considered the outsider. Especially leaving the Stage 3 Masters showed a team that seemed to be stumbling: We had heights and depths. We won the European Masters and then lost against supposedly weaker teams, Sassy explained.

Gambit, on the other hand, had almost won every tournament in the lead to the World Cup and was considered to date as one of the strongest teams in the Valorant Esport.

Spectator Record at surprise victory

The final was held in the best-of-five and developed into an exciting impact exchange. The duel walked over the full distance. Gambit had gone in the meantime with 2: 1 in the lead, however, AMEND could decide the last two cards, and thus the entire finale, for themselves. A surprise provided for a spectator record in the Valorant Esport: according to the analysis site Esports Charts just under 1.1 million viewers saw the exciting end of the premiere World Cup equivalent.


The results of all cards from the view of the winners : 11:13; 13:07; 3:13; 14:12 and 13: 8.

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